Milestone 6: Data deployment


Bloomreach SEO only!

This milestone is for Bloomreach SEO integrations. Skip this milestone if you're integrating Bloomreach Search and Merchandising or only Insights features.


Here's what we did before starting this milestone

  1. Together we defined a detailed scope of the integration project.
  2. You integrated the platform components on your site:
    • You deployed the JavaScript tracking pixel on all of your pages.
    • You generated and delivered your product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your feed daily.
  3. Optional:
    • You generated and delivered your delta feed to supplement your full product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your supplemental delta feed hourly.
  4. You deployed feature APIs on your site.
  5. Bloomreach monitored traffic on your site. You and your Bloomreach integration team tuned the integration to provide optimal results.

What happens during this milestone?

This milestone deploys Bloomreach data live. During the data deployment phase, Bloomreach starts sending you meaningful data in responses to your API requests.

What you doWhat Bloomreach doesWhat you and Bloomreach do together
You clear your cache.
You make changes, as needed.
We deploy data to production.
We send API responses with data.
* We review and validate widgets on your desktop and mobile pages.



Keep your integration team available during this period so that they can make changes to your feed, pixel, and APIs when issues are identified.

Data deployment process