Facet returned in the API Response is not Consistent


The Facet returned in the API response is not consistent for search terms.

Background and Solution

Bloomreach algorithm aims to provide the most relevant facet based on the different parameters, for example, search terms, customer's behavior, etc.
For instance, on an apparel site, “Size” facet would not be as relevant for the search term “Sunglass” as it is for the “Shirt”/”Dress”.

Bloomreach provides a wide range of customisation options to empower you to select/rank/hide the facets as per requirements. The customisation options are available for:

  • Search
  • Category and
  • Global
    If the requirement is to display some of the facets, you could change the order from "Algo control" to "Boost and Always Show".

For more details, refer to the Facet Ranking documentation


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