Milestone 5: Listen and tune


Here's what we did before starting this milestone

  1. Together we defined a detailed scope of the integration project.
  2. You integrated the platform components on your site:
    • You deployed the JavaScript tracking pixel on all of your pages.
    • You generated and delivered your product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your feed daily.
  3. Optional:
    • You generated and delivered your delta feed to supplement your full product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your supplemental feed hourly.
  4. You deployed feature APIs on your site.

What happens in this milestone?

This milestone examines your web traffic and tunes your integration.

What you doWhat you and Bloomreach do together
You tune your integration in response to our analysis and recommendations.We analyze data and make recommendations for changes.

After your pixel deployment has been live for three weeks, Bloomreach begins observing and analyzing your web traffic.

We run both automated and manual quality assurance scripts against the collected data while returning empty response data for your API calls. When we find issues, we let you know. Together, we can strategize ways to tune your integration.

This period generally lasts about four weeks. Your Bloomreach representative might advise a longer period depending on challenges noted during the integration kickoff meeting.



Keep your integration team available during this period so that they can make changes to your feed, pixel, and APIs when issues are identified.

If you are integrating Bloomreach Organic features, then we crawl your site, collecting information about how your customers interact with it. Bloomreach Organic creates meaningful relationships among the products and categories on your site. Your Related Categories, Related Items and Related Products widgets are populated later with data based on those relationships, and your thematic pages are automatically curated based on Bloomreach tagging technology.

What are we looking for?

Here's a very basic list of what we look for:

  • Your pixel is firing correctly.
  • Your product feed is delivered daily.
  • APIs and client modules are implemented.
  • Search quality, especially relevance, is good.
  • Your staging site and production site look the same.

We send you our evaluation of quality, including relevance, zero results, and missing products. You share with us your evaluation criteria and we agree upon a state that's good to go live.