Feature Packages

Explore the Discovery Feature Packages that are curated to meet the needs and goals of your business.

Discovery Packages Overview

This table gives a brief overview of the Discovery Feature Packages that are available to enhance the search and product discovery experiences on your site.

Grow and Scale customers get full access to the APIs & features available in their package. For Enterprise customers, this table shows all available features on the Bloomreach platform. Enterprise customers don't have access to all Modules, APIs & features by default - a Bloomreach Account Executive builds a custom package for each customer, based on their use cases and product needs.

Description Starting package for brands to upgrade their product discovery experienceExpand with advanced search features & recommendationsFull product discovery suite with enterprise grade tooling & infrastructure
Modules & APIs AvailableSearch API
Suggest API
Category API
Search API
Suggest API
Category API
Recommendations API
Email Recommendations API
Search Module
Search API
Suggest API
Merchandising Module
Category API
Recommendations Module
Recommendations API
Email Recommendations API
SEO Module
Thematic API
Widget API
Content Search Module
Content Search API

Feature Bundles

Bloomreach Discovery brings you a bundle of impactful features including AI-powered Search, intelligent Merchandising tools, personalized Recommendations, actionable Insights, and automated SEO.

The following tables summarize the various features available for each package:

Search API✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesThe user enters a search query in a search box on your e-commerce site and products matching the search query are returned. The user also gets auto-suggestions in the search box as they type.
Merchandising API✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesThe merchandiser creates ranking rules on the Dashboard to present grid product catalog on category pages.
Suggest API✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesAutosuggest examines your site visitors' queries while they type them, then suggests queries and products. Autosuggest predicts the intent of your site visitors.
Performance-Based Ranking✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesProduct ranking displayed in the search grid using site-wide product signals and analytics.
Query-Based Ranking✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesOptimized page or search performance ranking on the search grid. The performance ranking uses product views, conversions, and other metrics as signals for the query.
Semantic Understanding✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesSemantic understanding is a context-driven search that understands the overall meaning of the query rather than literal query word matching. Bloomreach uses semantic understanding to deliver relevant recall and ranking on the user site. Semantic search is available in English and will be extended to other popular languages soon.
Search Sophistication✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesIncludes additional search enhancements, including auto-correct, partial search, query relaxation, and smart sort
Manual Synonyms✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesSynonyms rules define a specific set of terms to have the same meaning
Auto-Generated Synonyms✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesBloomreach continually monitors which terms your customers enter into the search boxes and which products they click following the search. It also identifies queries that have a high bounce rate and are being modified frequently to understand there is a relationship between the two terms. If it passes certain quality thresholds, it will automatically generate the synonym.
Product Boost, Bury, and Blocklist✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesBoosting and burying products are methods for changing the sequence of products displayed in a product grid.
Attribute Boost, Bury, Blocklist, and Sort✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesBoosting and burying attributes are methods for changing the sequence of products displayed in a product grid.
Targeting & Audience Management✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesBoosting and burying products are methods for changing the sequence of products displayed in a product grid.
Search & Merchandising Analytics✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesTrack the results and performance of Bloomreach technology on your site
Product Grid Editor✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesThe Product Grid Editor is a tool that will allow the merchandiser to customize the results and create the desired experience for their end user
Facet Management✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesTool to control naming and ordering of facets (filters). Facets help customers filter what they are looking for in the product grid. With this tool, you can manually overwrite Bloomreach's algorithms that optimize facets by using engagement data, to suit your business needs.
Slot-Based Merchandising✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesSlot-based merchandising allows you to configure custom rules for a specific position (or slot) in the search grid. This will enable you to guide Bloomreach's algorithm so that it places specific types of products in the ranking
Keyword Redirect✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesA keyword redirect changes default search behavior by sending your site visitor to a particular page rather than a list of search results.
Rule Scheduling✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesAbility to set a time range for a Search or Merchandising rule to take effect
Ranking Diagnostics✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesThe Ranking Diagnostics tool is a utility that provides insight into how products in search results are ranked
Auto Suggest Filters✅ yes✅ yes✅ yesOption to enable filters such as department and brand for the top autosuggestions. You can create the UI on your side, to support this feature for your customers.
Content Search➕ add on➕ add on➕ add onAdd content search capabilities on your commerce or content site
Relevance by Segment❌ no✅ yes✅ yesRelevance by Segment allows you to rank search results based on segment data to serve different experiences to different segments of users
1:1 Personalized Search Ranking❌ no❌ no✅ yesPersonalized results based on the user’s affinity for products having a particular attribute such as brand, and category.
Multi View Support❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Custom Price Lists / Entitlement Support❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Recommendations & Pathways API❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Recommendation Algorithms❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Frequently Bought Together❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Frequently Viewed Together❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Similar Products❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Experience-Driven Recommendations❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Bestsellers❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Past Purchases❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Trending Products❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Pathways Algorithms❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
New Arrivals❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Brand Highlights❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Excess Inventory❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
On Sale❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Recipe Pages❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Curated Widgets❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Category Widgets❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Performance-Based Ranking❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Product Boost, Bury, and Blocklist❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Attribute Boost, Bury, Blocklist, and Sort❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Targeting & Audience Management❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Recommendations & Pathways Analytics❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Email Recommendations❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Rule Scheduling❌ no✅ yes✅ yes
Thematic Pages & Thematic API❌ no❌ no➕ add on
Product Blocks/Components❌ no❌ no➕ add on
Content in Product Grids❌ no❌ no➕ add on
INSIGHTSGROW (Optional Add-on available)SCALE (Optional Add-on available)ENTERPRISE
A/B Testing❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Opportunities❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Activities❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Playbooks❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Heatmap❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Library❌ no❌ no✅ yes
ADD ONSGrowScaleEnterprise
Content Search➕ add on➕ add on➕ add on
Dedicated Environment❌ no❌ no➕ add on
Multiple Product Catalogs✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Multi Language✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Multi Currency✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Multi Site / Multi View✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Single Sign-On Support❌ no❌ no✅ yes
Shopify Integration✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
BigCommerce Integration✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Magento Integration✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Vue Storefront Integration✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes
Custom Integration✅ yes✅ yes✅ yes