Configuring Attributes for Custom Fields


New integrations

As of May 2021, all new integrations are required to use API based catalog feed management to send data and perform index updates.

The custom fields in the feed can be changed on the Bloomreach side to affect how data is returned in the API and used within our algorithms.

The attributes of the custom fields mentioned in the Product Feed Reference cannot be modified during feed processing. However, the facet function of the attributes can be configured. Your Bloomreach technical consultant will configure this for you during the course of the integration. Additionally, these attribute configurations can be made in advance of adding the custom fields to the product feed, if necessary.

Available Configurations

There are 6 configurations that can be set per unique field in your feed. These are given below:

Is FacetableTells the system during feed processing that this field can be selected by the API as a filter / facet as the AI deems fit. This behaviour can be overridden in the dashboard controls.
Include in Search API (API pid level)Allows this field’s values to be returned per product in the API response, allowing you to get more information to directly generate a product listing page from the API’s results alone.
Preserve SKU Level Copy (API variant level)Similar to the above function, but ensures that the result is returned in the ‘variants’ array beneath each product in the API response. To be used with a variant feed.
Is SearchableDetermines if the system can look at data in this field when matching products to specific keyword searches.
Field TypeSingle values only, or multiple values allowed. If you wish to sort by this field in your API calls, this field must be set to single values only.
Value TypeText or Numeric. Numeric fields can only contain digits and a single decimal point.

Default Configuration


All configurations are applied per field and it is not possible to alter the default settings when mapping custom fields that are not default Bloomreach fields.

By default, all custom fields found and created during feed processing will have the following attribute configurations:

  1. Is Facetable = Yes
  2. Include in Search API response (API pid level) = No
  3. Preserve SKU Level Copy (API variant level) = No
  4. Is Searchable = Yes
  5. Field Type = Multiple
  6. Value Type = Text

Talk to your Bloomreach representative to configure attributes for custom fields in your product feed.