Rate Limits

Bloomreach Discovery APIs are subject to certain rate limits that help keep our system more stable, efficient, and secure. Additionally, these limits prevent our system from being misused and protect our customers.

Here is a table that summarizes our default rate limit configurations:

Category Rate Limit
* queries on all APIs (All Customers) 10 QPS (Queries per second)
Search and Category APIs (All Customers) Customer maximum QPS in the last week * relaxation factor ( to account for any increase ) + an additional buffer in case of organic traffic increase.

But any load test or erroneous requests will be blocked.

Product Suggest API 10 QPS

Note: These limits apply to customers on production.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an option to increase the rate limit?
    Please reach out to Bloomreach Support with your request.

  2. Are requests throttled when they exceed the limit?

  3. Are there any best practices to avoid rate-limiting issues?
    If you anticipate an increase in traffic due to a sale event, please reach out to our Support team and notify us in advance so that we can make the necessary changes.

  4. If the limit is exceeded, is there any error with a particular code?
    Yes, a 429 error code will be returned.