Next and After Metrics

Many of the Bloomreach Insights reports displays Next and After metrics, such as Revenue Next or ATC After, for Revenue, ATC and Conversions.

Next metrics are attributed to the entity that was visited immediately before the product ATC event. Use Next metrics to evaluate how much customers are buying immediately from the category or page, which is particularly applicable for product listing pages.

After metrics are attributed to all entities that were visited upstream of the product ATC event in the same session. Use After metrics to evaluate how well a category or page contributes to additional revenue earned on the customer journey. These metrics are particularly applicable for high-level category pages or theme pages that don’t typically list products.

Example ATC attribution


In this example, the Steel Pot product was added to cart immediately after the Pots category. Therefore, the ATC, Conversion, and Revenue of the Steel Pot are attributed to the Pots category as “Next” metrics. In other words, the Pots category is now attributed with 1 ATC Next, 1 Conversion Next, and the corresponding Revenue Next.

Because the Kitchen category was visited sometime upstream of the ATC event in the same session, it is attributed with 1 ATC After, 1 Conversion After, and the Revenue After. 

Look-Back Period

Shoppers don’t always check-out their basket or convert during the same session, or even the same day as when the product ATC event occurred. Thus, we look back up to 30 days at all the sessions since each conversion event and find where the most recent ATC event occurred for each product in the conversion basket. This methodology allows us to comprehensively attribute ATCs/Conversions/Revenue to categories and pages when the conversion event happens farther away from the ATC event.

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