Feed Status

The Feed Status page lets you know the current processing status of all of your Bloomreach feeds.   

It lets you quickly answer the questions:

  • When was the last time my feed was processed? 
  • How long does it take for Bloomreach to process my feed? 
  • Has feed processing failed? 

During the integration process, the Feed Status page helps you understand if your feed is running, has the correct entities (number of PIDs, SKUs, URLs), and can save turnaround time if there is a feed failure.   

Post integration, the Feed Status page can help you track and ensure that your feed is processed as expected.  

Feed Status Options

On the Feed Status page, you can select from a set of different dropdown options to view Feed Status.   

DropdownWhat does this Dropdown show?
DomainChoose between the different domains on your account.  Most customers only have one domain (Default).
FeedChoose between the different feed types: Full, Intra-day and Delta.
EnvironmentChoose between the different types of environments: Staging and Production.

Status Metadata

Once a feed run is triggered by Bloomreach, a new row will be added to the Feed Status page. The Feed Status page shows the last 50 feed runs.  Each row contains the following set of data:

Feeds can have a state of: SUCCESS, FAILURE or RUNNING

State Description
Bloomreach feeds are run in two parts: first, the processor (where we process the feed file) and next, the indexer (where we index the feed). As each part is completed, the feed state description will be updated. If the feed failed in either of these two parts, the feed state description will be updated to reflect which part of feed procesing failed.

For example: "Feed processor completed. Feed indexer completed." OR "Feed processor completed. Feed indexer failed."

Error Message
If the Feed fails for any reason, an actionable error message will be shown.
For example: "Error Message: Please contact support for more information."

The run number is a unique number assigned to each feed run.

The statistics section shows the unique count of PIDs, SKUs and URLs that are in the feed. These numbers are populated after the feed indexer has completed.

Revert Button
The "Revert to this version" button will revert the index to the one from the runnum selected. This index will be LIVE until the next feed run has been completed. The Revert functionality is only available for full feeds.

Start Time
This is the time the feed run started. Time is displayed in UTC.

End Time
This is the time the feed run finished. Time is displayed in UTC.