Add images to your product feed


New integrations

As of May 2021, all new integrations are required to use API based catalog feed management to send data and perform index updates.

Images in your product feed are defined with these fields:

  • thumb_image
  • large_image

All products and SKUs must have a thumb_image field, which is the URL for thumbnail image of a product or SKU.

To show additional images of a product or SKU, use the large_image field. You can have multiple values for an individual product or SKU large_image field. Separate each value with an ASCII character. A pipe ( | ) is a common separator.


Lydia is adding a new product to her product feed. The product is a blouse, and she has multiple images. Two of the images are nearly the same, differing only in size.

File nameImage description image of the product image of the product image of one of the product's SKUs

She must include a thumbnail image (thumb_image) for each product.

In addition to thumbnails, Lydia also wants to include other images of each product or SKU (large_image).

Define the thumb_image field

Lydia starts by defining the product's thumb_image field. She has two images that are the same except for their size. As a best practice, she chooses the smaller image to map to the thumb_image field.

She enters the URL of the thumbnail image:


The thumb_image field accepts only one value. Each product or SKU can have only one thumb_image field.

Define the large_image field

Lydia defines the product's large_image field. She enters the URLs for each image, separating each URL with a | character.


The large_image field accepts one or more values. For multi-value large_image fields, separate each value with an ASCII character. A | character is a common separator.

I have two sizes of an image

If you have two images of different sizes, then we recommend that you map the smaller image to thumb_image and the larger image to large_image.