FAQs - Preview / Experience Manager

1. Why does the preview appear broken? Why does the Experience manager not work as expected? Why is the environment not stable? Why does my page never load? Why is the channel button not visible or diabled? Why is the Page button not available or disabled?

The following are the possible reasons and solutions for the above errors. Try the following before contacting Bloomreach Support.

  • Your channel is not configured with a proper preview app.
  • The preview is not updated for a long time.
  • You are using an older version of SPA SDK.
  • You can change the preview app to a localhost reference SPA app if you are a developer.
  • You can use a skeleton or a white label app from Bloomreach Support to test the preview.
  • You can either create a project and update the channel URL in it or update the channel’s SPA URL property using the channel management API.
  • The page you are requesting is taking too long to load and hence timing out.
  • The preview app is not properly configured or has a technical issue that stops Experience manager from listening to Page loaded Fully events required to display the channel and page buttons. If you are a developer of the app, ensure that the Bloomreach SPA SDK is properly used (both BrPage and BrComponent directives). Alternatively, check the troubleshooting guide.
  • Allow mixed content in your browser. Sometimes, when Bloomreach loads on HTTPS, SPA loads third party content over HTTP. This might block the site and the preview app does not load.
  • Check the status of Bloomreach server on Bloomreach Support Portal for status of cloud services.
  • Check the above and reach out to Bloomreach Support for more assistance.

For more information, refer to the following:

2. Why am I unable to edit a page? Why are the component icons disabled on a page?

The following are the possible reasons and solutions for these errors.

  • The page is not included in your project yet. Add the page in your project to edit it.
  • Click on the overlay toggle button in the top right part of the screen, enabling you to edit the page and components. You will be able to see blue outlines and orange buttons that allow editing of the page/document behind a component.
  • Check if you have the necessary rights to edit the page. If not, then contact the IAM Admin user in your organization for Author or Editor rights.
  • The page is locked by another user. Pages get locked when another user is editing the page or if the page is going through a workflow. You can request the user to release or publish the page in order to edit it.
  • The front end of the SPA app is not properly configured. Contact your developers for getting it properly configured. If you are a developer yourself, ensure that the Bloomreach SPA SDK is used properly (both BrPage and BrComponent directives) or refer to the troubleshooting guide. Contact Bloomreach Support for more information and assistance on debugging and best practices.

For more information, refer to the following:

3. Why am I unable to find a feature in Content SaaS that is available in brXM (Content PaaS)?

The following are the possible reasons and solution for the above issue:

  • Refer to the Content SaaS documentation and guides to understand the features offered in Content SaaS.
  • You were trained in brXM (Content PaaS) but you are working on Content SaaS. Get Content SaaS certified to avoid any discrepancies in your knowledge and questions of the product.
  • As Content SaaS is a cloud-based product, it is quite different in terms of features and functionalities. Refer to the Official Bloomreach Content SaaS Documentation.

4. Why does my Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks requests to the channel preview in the Experience manager because they trigger the Owasp-crs-v030301-id931110-rfi (remote file inclusion) rule.?

This issue is covered in the troubleshooting documentation for Experience Manager.


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