Base Component

Component ID

The Base Component is defined in the base component group by the ID:



This component is used to contribute parameter data to the Delivery API's Pages endpoint for use in a frontend application, using parameter metadata stored in the component group for a channel. Parameters configured as type "contentpath" will result in lookups of individual documents, which will also be contributed to the Delivery API output.

Component Parameters

Name TypeDefault valueDescription
*(Any other than contentpath)-Parameter name and value will be rendered via the Delivery API's Pages endpoint.
*contentpath-This component will process all parameters of this type, lookup the referenced document by its path, and include its content in the Delivery API response. If the path references any node other than a document, only the path itself will be rendered.

Below you can see how the base component renders its parameters in the JSON response of the Delivery API's Pages endpoint:

"uid2": {
  "id": "r22\_r1\_r1",
  "links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "http://localhost/site/resourceapi?_hn:type=component-rendering&_hn:ref=r22_r1_r1",
      "type": "external"
  "meta": {
    "paramsInfo": {
      "dateParam": 1584612567000,
      "document": "news/news1",
      "paramWithDefaultValue": "a default value",
      "decimalParam": 20.5,
      "booleanParam": true,
      "integerParam": 15,
      "param1": "value 1 in container item",
      "dropdownParam": "value1",
      "param2": "value 2 in container item"
    "params": {}
  "name": "testcatalogiteminstance",
  "label": "Test Catalog Item",
  "type": "container-item",
  "componentClass": "",
  "models": {
    "document": {
      "$ref": "/page/u303d40ebf98c4d6184c7a1ba14b5ceb3"