Storefront Integrations

Bloomreach Content (SaaS) provides out-of-the-box storefront integrations that can serve as a reference or starting point for developers looking to build their own commerce project.

The following integrations are currently available:

The storefront integrations are available as channel templates when adding a new channel in the Experience manager using the + Channel button:

After clicking on + Channel, you can choose from the available channel templates:

Channel template selection in the New channel wizard

Once a channel has been created, it will use a generic, hosted, and shared frontend application to render the preview in the Experience manager. This way the channel is immediately functional and developers can explore the out-of-the-box pages and components and experiment with different configurations.

To start frontend development, developers must install a local copy of the frontend application and configure the channel to use it to render the preview. The instructions to do this vary between the different integrations and will be provided on their respective documentation pages.

Deployment Tutorials

These guides explain how to deploy and run our out-of-the-box storefront integrations on different platforms.