What is Bloomreach Content?

Introduction to Bloomreach Content SaaS

What is Content?

Bloomreach Content (sometimes referred to as Content SaaS or Headless Experience Manager) is a headless experience management platform that can deliver personalized customer experiences across all of your digital touchpoints. Content comes ready-to-use, with several out-of-the-box components and templates, and is easily configurable to meet your business needs.

Our APIs and SDKs make it easy to integrate Bloomreach Content with your existing tools and processes. To make using our product as seamless as possible, we offer easy-to-follow Get started tutorials on our documentation site that, coupled with our public developer environment, provide a smooth introduction to our product.


Content Crash Course

The Content Crash Course offered by our Academy provides a high-level overview of the Bloomreach Content solution in under 25 minutes. During this course, you will learn about the product features and capabilities and be guided through the application interface and tools.

What are the benefits of Content ?

Our Content product can be quickly integrated with your existing commerce system (SAP, commercetools, etc.) and it gives you the opportunity to set up your own storefront with integrations such as Vue Storefront, React Storefront, Next.js Commerce, SAP Spartacus, and others, as well as the ability to create bespoke front ends. Guidance on best integration practices is provided on our Storefront Integration pages.

Bloomreach Content combines features from our well-known, enterprise-level Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) product (PaaS * on-premise), with modern innovations for SaaS-based content management, in an updated UI that will still feel familiar to existing customers. To learn more about the differences between our SaaS and PaaS products, visit our SaaS vs brXM page.

Content is built for commerce and optimized for sales conversions - designing personalized pages, running campaigns, and managing and structuring content has never been easier.

And, with projects, you can schedule multiple changes to all go live at the same time. Our API-first approach supports modern DevOps practices allowing for agility and reduced complexity in the lifecycle of your projects. Follow the links to find step-by-step guides on our documentation site to be a SaaS pro from day one.

Content’s flexibility brings you many advantages. It is not only flexible as a product for your daily use but also flexible in pricing and in the scope of the product - you can start small and work your way up. Throughout the entire process, you can always make use of our documentation pages which offer guides and answers to any questions you may have or contact your sales representative.

Benefits of Content x Discovery and Engagement

Content is fully compatible with our other available products - Discovery and Engagement. By integrating Content, you can get ahead with creating a truly unique experience for your customers and an easy-to-use solution for your business.

Integrating Content with our Discovery product allows you to link Discovery’s unmatched search capabilities with our CMS that work together in one UI. The Bloomreach Search engine provides optimized search experiences for your customers that works in synergy with content created and managed with Content.

Integrating Content with our Engagement product provides an unparalleled level of personalization. With this integration, you can, for example, set your campaigns to target specific customers to reach sophisticated personalized pages our product offers, and more! By making the most of both Content and Engagement, your business will provide a personalized experience for your customers and allow you to reach your commerce goals.



The High-Level Architecture diagrams in the Developers section of the documentation provide an overview of the Content platform's architecture.