Content SaaS Architecture

Bloomreach Content is a headless experience management platform using a modern, SaaS-based, API-first architecture that aligns with the principles of the MACH Alliance (of which Bloomreach is a member).

The Content platform provides an Experience Manager application as well as two types of APIs: Management APIs and Delivery APIs.

The Management APIs are used exclusively by Developers to configure aspects like content types, component catalogs, page layouts, and routes. To work with the Management APIs, Developers can use their own custom code or use tools provided by Bloomreach such as the Site Management UI and Postman Collections.

Based on the configurations, Content Managers / Marketers author content and configure and preview the site experience using the Experience Manager app.

Bloomreach takes care of hosting and upgrading the platform, including its APIs. This means that any new product features or enhancements automatically become available to you, allowing you to primarily focus on your business processes.

The Delivery APIs are used to deliver the tailored content and site experience through to a Client-Facing Application where the response to the Website Visitor / Customer is generated with the help of our SDKs and storefront integrations.