Use the Public Trial Environment

Bloomreach offers two types of trial environments where clients can familiarize themselves with our product. One such environment is the private Sandbox which is intended for exclusive use by clients who request their own environment. Alternatively, a public trial environment is available to clients who do not yet have access to their own Sandbox and wish to try out the functions our product offers.

To access the public environment, follow the link: If you wish to work in a personal Sandbox environment, please contact your sales representative directly or Contact Bloomreach on our website.

The link will take you to the following homepage:



After logging in, create an API Authorization Token before starting to familiarize yourself with our environment. You can find the guide on how to create the token on our API Authorization page.

After clicking on the login button, a log in page asking for your username and password will appear. Use the following credentials to log in to the public trial environment.

[email protected]z]N76}3vQRX7y8mt
[email protected]gbq^XNwj^u+>s\3^
[email protected]<jQ2nk:p&*A5]>@2
[email protected]9kWPHpcd,L>*Ab3"
[email protected]tb?[}}g*WhHst75W
[email protected]sttGX^~Zt]6<E/M-
[email protected]q6h@vG3HF]"LZD=W
[email protected]gpL9?]%ym\hES"6?
[email protected])]//3q>^tLb3h-Hs
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