Solution Stack Layers

Bloomreach Content is our future-focused solution for content management. Aligning with the core principles of the MACH Alliance (of which Bloomreach is a member), Content is a SaaS-based headless experience management system.

Bloomreach Content

The Bloomreach Content platform consists of a Service Layer (the Content application and its APIs), a Deployment and Infrastructure Layer based on AWS, and a Cache Layer based on Cloudflare. The Service Layer provides integrations with other Bloomreach and third-party products to enable features like analytics, asset management, personalization, etc.

Bloomreach takes care of hosting and upgrading the platform. This means that any new product features or enhancements automatically become available to you, allowing you to primarily focus on your business processes.

Front End

The Front End runs on top of the headless Content platform and using your preferred technologies and platforms. In the Presentation Layer, you implement your single-page apps, progressive web apps, and mobile apps using your preferred front-end framework and our SDKs and APIs. You host your app at your favorite platform in the Deployment and Infrastructure Layer and similarly use your preferred service in the Cache Layer.

You are fully in control of Front-End development, hosting, and deployment. This means that you can leverage your existing knowledge and use your established processes and tooling.