Documentation Overview

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Welcome to the Bloomreach Content homepage! Here you can find a host of self-help resources and articles that provide an overview of how Content works.


Sign up for the Free Content Crash Course to get a high-level overview of the Bloomreach Content solution in under 25 minutes. During this course, you will learn about the product features and capabilities and be guided through the application interface and tools.

User Guides

To make integrating Bloomreach Content into your life easier, we offer comprehensive user guides which show you how to use all aspects of the Content product practically. Our Overview of Content Apps will guide you through our main features.

Get Started Developer Materials

We offer a compilation of materials to help you get started with our Content product as a developer. Check out the pathways below to guide you through the first steps:

Advanced Developer Materials

For more in-depth information, we’d like to point you to pages with well-rounded overviews of our application:


Bloomreach provides several options for integrations to enhance your experience with our product:

  • Learn about developing SPAs and other Javascript frontend applications with our dedicated Front-End Development pages.
  • Enhance your commerce performance and explore new development possibilities with out-of-the-box pages and components using our Storefront Integrations.
  • Take a look at our Integrations Library to integrate your apps into the UI of Content using predefined extension points.
  • Our brX GraphQL Service documentation guides you through creating and managing consistent API across different clients and platforms. For further integration with our Discovery product, check out the brX Discovery Connector Configuration page.
  • Check out the SDKs we support to ease your integration experience.

API Reference Documentation

Our API reference documentation supplies comprehensive materials for understanding the basics of our API: