Folder Management API


The Folder Management API can be used to create, move, and delete folders for content or to set metadata such as the locale or allowed document types. This endpoint also supports listing folder contents, to enable scripting more advanced data transformation use cases in combination with the Content Management API.


Live site protections

Operations on folders can have an immediate impact on a live website. In order to prevent unintentional changes, some operations can only be performed if no published documents or pages exist within the descendants of a folder.


The Folder Management API is a protected management API requiring token authorization. See API Authorization for instructions on how to obtain and use a token.

Updates and conflict prevention

When updating an existing resource, you must include the entire resource, including all its existing unchanged properties. It's not possible to update only a subset of properties. Read more about how to handle updates and conflict prevention.

API Reference

Development Aids

To aid developers in working with the Folder Management API, the following tools and resources are provided:

Public Environment

If you don't have access to a Bloomreach environment yet, you can use the Public Developer Environment. Follow the instructions to retrieve an authentication token and easily explore the APIs.

Run in Postman

Import the Folder Management API collection and try the endpoints in Postman. The collection provides several examples of how the endpoints can be used.

Run in Postman

The only thing needed to use the Postman collection is to set up the environment variables:

  • brxHost: the URL of your Bloomreach Content environment
  • x-auth-token: the Authentication token