SAP Commerce Cloud


Bloomreach provides a SAP Commerce Cloud connector with the GraphQL Commerce API. It's enabled by request only and has a number of specific configuration options in addition to the general options.

How to request configuration changes?

Please use our support channel to request configuration changes, including properties name and value(s).

Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available for the SAP Commerce Cloud connector. If you wish to make a change, please submit a support request with the names of the properties and your preferred values.

Property Name (* required field)DescriptionExample Value(s)Default Value
SAP_API_BASE_URL *The URL of the SAP.https://api.<instance_ID>
SAP_AUTH_BASE_URL *The URL of the SAP OAuth2 server.https://api.<instance_ID>
SAP_BASE_SITE_ID *Your SAP site (i.e. project instance) name.'mysite'
SAP_CLIENT_ID *The OAuth2 client ID used in requests to the SAP platform.'myApollo'
SAP_CLIENT_SECRET *The OAuth2 client secret used in requests to the SAP platform.'changeIt'
SAP_SCOPE *The OAuth2 scope(s) used in requests to the SAP platform.'basic'
SAP_MEDIA_BASE_URL *The base URL of the product image resources.https://api.<instance_ID>
SAP_DEFAULT_CATALOG_IDENTIFIER *The identifier of the default product catalogs.'myProductCatalog'
SAP_DEFAULT_CATALOG_VERSION_ID *The version name of the default product catalogs.'Online'
SAP_CATEGORY_SELECTOR_NAMEThe default selector name used to filter products by category'category' (or 'allCategories' for B2B)'category'
SAP_CUSTOM_ATTR_FIELDSIf a list of field names is specified as a comma separated string, then extra custom fields are extracted from the product item in the JSON response and included in the the GraphQL response like the following example:

  "data": {
    "findItemsByKeyword": {
      "items": [
          "customAttrs": [
            { "name": "summary", "values": [ "My Summary" ] },
            { "name": "stock", "values": [ "123" ] }