Delivery API 2.0


The Delivery API 2.0 is more generic than the original Delivery API 1.0, providing the basic building blocks to support many use cases, such as fetching individual content items, mobile app development, and site development without using the SDK.

The Delivery API 2.0 differs from the Delivery API 1.0 in a number of ways, including:

  • Improved readability of API responses
  • Improved suitability of the API for mobile app development
  • More succinct API responses that contain only the information that I need
  • The ability to query API responses
  • OpenAPI specifications for the endpoints to help configure infrastructure, generate client code, create test cases, etc.

Customers with a wide variety of needs will be able to benefit from the Delivery API 2.0:

The Delivery API 1.0 is still the recommended API for site development using the SPA SDKs and continues to be supported by Bloomreach.




The Delivery API 2.0 endpoints are public by default. Optionally, customers can configure each endpoint to be accessible only for authorized access using a JSON Web Token (JWT).


The Delivery API 2.0 can be configured using the Delivery API Settings Management API. Configuration options include enabling and disabling the API, the formatting of the API response data, whether to include translations in the responses, and securing endpoints.


Currently, four endpoints are available in the Open Beta:

Two more endpoints are planned to be added in the future:

  • Pages
  • Channels

Query Operators

(gte)greater than or equals?lastModified(gte)=1602703215008
(lte)less than or equals?lastModified(lte)=1602703215008
(gt)greater than?lastModified(gt)=1602703215008
(lt)less than?lastModified(lt)=1602703215008
(ne)not equal?fields.title(ne)=How to use Acorn nuts
OR?q(title or summary)
,comma-separated list?sys.locale=en_US,gb_GB,de_DE
(cs)case sensitive
(ci)case insensitive
?wildcard, matches a single character?q=distrib?tor
*wildcard, matches any number of characters?q=bar*el
formatflattened or inlined response?format=flattened


Development Aids

To aid developers in working with the Delivery API 2.0, the following tools and resources are provided:

Public Environment

If you don't have access to a Bloomreach environment yet, you can use the Public Developer Environment to explore the APIs.

Run in Postman

Import the Delivery API 2.0 collection and try the endpoints in Postman. The collection provides many examples of how the endpoints can be used.

Run in Postman

The only thing needed to use the Postman collection is to set the required environment variables:

  • brxHost: the name of your Bloomreach Content environment