Delivery API 2.0 Open Beta

A first Beta version of the Delivery API 2.0 is now available with the goal of gathering initial feedback from customers interesting in trying it out.


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Why Delivery API 2.0?

The original Delivery API was primarily designed to be consumed by our SPA SDKs. Through feedback from our customers and partners it became clear that the API wasn't always a good match for other use cases such as fetching individual content items, mobile app development, and site development without using the SDK. Below are some of the most popular requests for improvement:

  • Improved readability of API responses
  • Improved suitability of the API for mobile app development
  • More succinct API responses that contain only the information that I need
  • The ability to query API responses
  • An Open API Specification to help configure infrastructure, generate client code, create test cases, etc.

Design Goals

The Delivery API 2.0 is intended to be more generic, providing the basic building blocks to support a multitude of use cases:

Customers with a wide variety of needs will be able to benefit from the new API:

Available and Planned Endpoints

Currently four endpoints are available in the Open Beta:

  • Documents v2
  • Folders v2
  • Images v2
  • Assets v2

Two more endpoints will be added in the near future:

  • Pages v2
  • Channels v2

In addition an Open API Specification and interactive API reference documentation will be made available (consistent with our Management APIs).

Get Started


Operators and Sample Queries

While the full API specification and reference documentation are not available yet, the API is designed to be intuitive in use. We are providing a document containing the available operators and, for each endpoint, a number of sample queries for you try.


Postman Collection

Download a Postman collection for the endpoints available in the Open Beta.