Document JSON Representation


The Documents Endpoint returns a JSON representation of a document in a channel, including all the referenced documents.

This documentation page introduces the top-level elements in the JSON. The actual document representation can be quite large, depending on the complexity of the document it represents. It is further explained in more detailed documentation on its elements.

Top-level objects

The example below shows the top-level objects in the JSON:

      product: "brx",
      version: "1.0",
      branch: "master"

The top-level objects are:

  • meta
    Meta information about the request including API version in use, and channel configuration branch in use.
  • document
    JSON reference to the primary document of the requests, which is the document that has been requested
  • content
    A set of documents, starting with the full representation of the document that has been requested and followed by documents that it references.


Note that in case of an Experience page, which is technically a document with an embedded page layout, the embedded page layout is not included in the JSON representation.

Document representation details

The documents are represented in the format of content items.