Pages JSON Representation


The Delivery API's Pages endpoint returns a JSON representation of a page in a channel, including all the components, content items, and menus of which that page is comprised.

This documentation page introduces the top-level elements in the JSON. The actual page representation which, depending on the complexity of the page it represents, can be quite large, is further explained in more detailed documentation on its elements.

Top-level objects

The example below shows the top-level objects in the JSON:


The top level objects are:

  • meta
    Meta information about the request including API version in use, channel configuration branch in use, and (optionally) current visitor and visit data used by the Content audiences feature.
  • links
    External and internal links to the page represented by this response.
  • channel
    Information about the channel including the URL for the external SPA frontend and (optionally) Search & Merchandising connection info.
  • root
    JSON reference to the root component in the flattened representation of the page component hierarchy (in the page top level element, see below).
  • document
    JSON reference to the primary content item associated with the page
  • page
    The actual page representation containing a flattened hierarchy of page components and associated content items and menus.

Page representation details

The top level page object represents the actual page representation and, along with the several different object types it contains, is described in detail on the following documentation pages: