Delivery API 2.0 Images endpoint schemas


An image like a png, gif, etc


type enumField present in deeper nested structure or includes section
  • resource
idYstringThe unique identifier for the image.  
pathYstringThe path to the image.  
nameYstringThe display name of the image.  
namespaceYenumThe namespace of the image.
  • hippogallery
  • xm
contentTypeYenumThe content type of the image.
  • image
lastModifiedYintegerThe timestamp of the last modification of the image.
  • format : int64
mimeTypeYstringThe mimetype type of image.  
sizeYintegersize of the image. Note that it is not possible to query on the size of an image.  
heightYintegerheight of the image  
widthYintegerwidth of the image