Page JSON representation

The top level page object in the JSON representation returned by a Delivery API's Pages endpoint request represents the actual page model. It contains a flattened list of objects that represents the page component hierarchy and associated content items and menus.

Each object is represented by a root element with a unique identifier as object name and has a type property indicating what type of object it is.

For example:

          "type" : "component"
          "type" : "container" 
          "type" : "document"

Each object contained within a page is of one of the following types, grouped into three separately documented informal categories for convenience:


  • type = component
  • type = container
  • type = container-item

Content Items:

  • type = document
  • type = componentcontent
  • type = asset
  • type = imageset


  • type = menu

SPAs can filter the objects based on their type property. For example, the frontend may not be interested in 'menu' objects on consecutive requests.