Create content (documents and pages) in a specific project.

Create content (documents and pages) in a specific project.

Automatic creation of folders

Both document and page endpoints require a path provided in the URL. The path corresponds to a folder structure in the content tree which if not existing already, it will be created. The created folders are the simplest folders you can create in CMS, meaning no "allowed content" is configured, neither translation links, nor any particular sorting.

Document linking

Documents and pages may contain links to other documents that do not exist yet, or exist as a part of the same import payload. They can even reference each other. To support this, the batch import operation is split into two steps:

  • Content Import: during this step, documents containing references to non existing links are being saved with a placeholder UUID rather than a real link (which does not exist yet).
  • Linking: update all existing document references with a reference, otherwise report an error. Invalid link references remain, so the developers have a choice of either manually fixing the links through CMS, fix the payload and rerun the import operation, or drop the whole branch and start over again.
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