Delivery API


The Delivery API provides RESTs endpoints for SPAs to retrieve JSON representations of:

  • A list of available channels
  • Pages in a channel including all the components, content items, and menus of which those pages are comprised
  • A specific document in the context of a channel

Following the core principles of HATEOAS, the SPA enters the REST application through a Bloomreach Content navigational URL and discovers all possible future client interactions within the resource representations returned from the server.

Additionally, the Delivery API provides seamless integration with the channel preview and page management features of the Experience manager application.

API base URL



When accessing the Delivery API through a live endpoint, by default it will return a channel's published pages and content. In order to access unpublished pages and content and render the channel preview in the Experience manager app, an external frontend application must authenticate using a JSON Web Token.

API status and versions

You can check the health status and available versions of the API at the following URL:


If the Delivery API is available, you'll receive a 200 response with a body like the following example:

  "status" : 200,
  "message" : "OK",
  "apiVersions" : [ "v1" ]


Please note that as of release 20220519, the health check returns status 200 even if there are no channels defined. In earlier releases, this situation resulted in a 404 response.