Welcome to the Bloomreach Content API Reference. This part of our documentation provides a detailed reference of all available Content APIs and their endpoints.

Content API Categories

The Content APIs are separated into two categories: the Delivery API and the Management APIs.

Delivery API

The Delivery API provides endpoints that can be used by frontend applications to retrieve representations of channels, pages, and documents that are managed in Bloomreach Content.

The Delivery API is read-only and does not require authentication (outside the context of the Experience manager application's channel preview where this is handled transparently).

Management APIs

The Management APIs enable site developers to configure their Bloomreach Content environments. The following Management APIs are currently available:

  • Site Management API - The Site Management API enables developers to manage channel configurations through a set of endpoints for operations on channels, layouts, components, routes, and menus. These resources enable a developer to compose content into the larger structures of pages and complete sites.
  • Content Type Management API - The Content Type Management API enables developers to manage content types in a running Bloomreach Content environment. A single endpoint is provided, via which a project’s content types can be created and updated. These resources create the structure of content that will be managed by site authors and editors.
  • Content Management API - The Content Management API allows developers to manage individual documents and pages to create or update content. This is a complement to the content editor GUI provided by the product for site authors and editors to support automated content workflows.
  • Content Batch Import API - The Content Batch Import API allows developers to import large quantities of documents and pages using an asynchronous batch style API.

All Management APIs require a valid authorization token.