20240124 - Delivery API 2.0 General Availability Release

This Content release brings General Availability status to the Delivery API 2.0 and contains several bug fixes.

20240111 - Improved handling of pending workflow requests when synchronizing translated pages

This Content release contains improvements in the handling of pages with pending workflow requests when synchronizing translated pages.

20231228 - Manage Webhooks and Delivery API Settings Via API

This Content release adds new APIs to manage webhooks and Delivery API settings.

20231215 - Page Translations in the Delivery API 1.0 and Secure Endpoints in the Delivery API 2.0

This Content release adds support for page translations in the Delivery API 1.0 and secured endpoints in the Delivery API 2.0 (Beta).

20231129 - Delivery API 2.0 Beta OpenAPI Specification Improvements

This Content release improves the OpenAPI specifications for the Delivery API 2.0 (Beta) endpoints.

20231116 - The Content Management API Now Supports Document and Page Locales

This Content release improves support for localization and translation operations at API level.

Holiday Freeze From November 14th, 2023 Until January 23rd, 2024

Please note that Bloomreach will have an active holiday freeze from November 14th, 2023 until January 23rd, 2024 during which no new releases will be deployed to customer environments in order to decrease any risks of unforeseen incidents.

20231102 - Easier and Better Page Synchronization and the Delivery API 2.0 Beta Nears Completion

Synchronize and publish pages with one button click, include page-specific component content in page synchronization, and test many new features and improvements in the Delivery API 2.0 Open Beta!

20231018 - API Improvements

This Content release introduces several improvements to our APIs.

20231004 - Search for Pages by URL and Monitor Locked Content Types

In the Sitemap in the Experience manager you can now search on any of the path elements in a page's URL or its full or truncated URL path starting with a slash.