Add a Channel

Add a new channel in the Experience manager



Add a new channel in the Experience manager.

Role Required

This task requires the Site Admin role.


Users with Site Admin privileges can add new channels in the Experience manager app.

Channels are created from available channel templates and can be localized by specifying a country and language.

Add a new channel

Open the Experience manager app and make sure the main channels overview is visible.

Click on the + Channel button in the top right:

The New channel wizard will appear. In the first step, you must select on of the available channel templates:

You can either choose to start with a blank channel template or choose one of the supported storefronts. Click on Next to go to the next step.

In the Channel properties step, you must specify a Name, a Language and a Country (together these will form the External locale), and either a Badge color or an Icon.

Optionally, you can select a Translation group or create a new one to add the new channel to.

When choosing the Icon option, you must specify the data URI for a base64 encoded image. For example, the URI below is for the Bloomreach logo:



Use an online base64 image encoder (for example to generate the data URI for your icon.

Once you have specified all the properties, click on the Create channel button and the new channel will be added to the channels overview.

Next steps

Configure frontend app

Once a channel has been added, it will use a generic, hosted, and shared frontend application to render the preview in the Experience manager. This way the channel is immediately functional and users can explore the out-of-the-box pages and components.

Typically your organization will develop (or have previously developed) their own unique frontend app to render the channels. You must configure the newly added channel(s) to use this frontend app in the Channel settings. Make sure to coordinate with your organization's Site Developers.

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