Commerce React Components

The Commerce React Components are a set of component libraries which help a React SPA integrate with Bloomreach Content, Bloomreach Discovery, and other Commerce Backend Platforms through the underlying REST APIs and GraphQL APIs.


At a high level, an end project may implement a React SPA with some project-specific components. The project can take advantage of the Commerce React Components which takes care of the interactions with the GraphQL Commerce to integrate with Bloomreach Search & Merchandising and other Commerce Backend Platforms, as well as Bloomreach SPA Integration SDKs to integrate with Bloomreach Experience Manager.


What's inside the Commerce React Components?

The library contains the following:

  • React Hooks, which encapsulate interactions with the GraphQL Commerce and facilitate the implementation of your commerce functional components.
  • Higher-Order Components, which are React Higher-Order Components. In case you cannot use Hooks (e.g. in class components), they provide the same functionalities.
  • GraphQL types, which were generated from the GraphQL schema of the GraphQL Commerce to be used in any GraphQL queries and mutations.
  • Other common types for React component properties, parameters, or other any shareable interfaces or classes.

API Documentation

The API documentation for Commerce React Components is available online at

Install Commerce React Components package

To get the SDK into your project with NPM:

npm install npm i @bloomreach/connector-components-react@saas

And with Yarn:

yarn add @bloomreach/connector-components-react@saas