The Commerce React Components are a set of component libraries which help a React SPA integrate with Bloomreach Content, Bloomreach Discovery, and other Commerce Backend Platforms through the underlying REST APIs and GraphQL APIs.

## Overview

At a high level, an end project may implement a React SPA with some project-specific components. The project can take advantage of the Commerce React Components which takes care of the interactions with the GraphQL Commerce to integrate with Bloomreach Search & Merchandising and other Commerce Backend Platforms, as well as Bloomreach SPA Integration SDKs to integrate with Bloomreach Experience Manager.


## What's inside the Commerce React Components?

The library contains the following:

  • [React Hooks](🔗), which encapsulate interactions with the GraphQL Commerce and facilitate the implementation of your commerce functional components.

  • Higher-Order Components, which are [React Higher-Order Components](🔗). In case you cannot use Hooks (e.g. in class components), they provide the same functionalities.

  • GraphQL types, which were generated from the GraphQL schema of the GraphQL Commerce to be used in any GraphQL queries and mutations.

  • Other common types for React component properties, parameters, or other any shareable interfaces or classes.

## API Documentation

The API documentation for **Commerce React Components** is available online at [](🔗)

## Install Commerce React Components package

To get the SDK into your project with [NPM](🔗):

And with [Yarn](🔗):