## Why was I logged out of Bloomreach Content?

If you are logged in to Bloomreach Content but you are inactive for 60 minutes, your session will be logged out automatically for security purposes.

## I keep seeing the Bloomreach logo appearing but the menus are not loading

This is likely related to third-party cookies that are required to load the menu structure. If you are encountering this issue, please clear your browser cookies and change your browser settings to allow third-party cookies. Additionally, if applicable, disable any extensions or VPN services that block third-party cookies.


The loading screen showing the Bloomreach logo.

Bloomreach is working on a product improvement that removes the requirement to allow third-party cookies entirely.


You can also configure the Bloomreach cookies to be allowed as exceptions. To do this follow the following steps in Google Chrome:

  • Load Bloomreach Content in your browser.

  • Open your browsers' developer tools.

  • Click on the _Application_ tab.

  • Under _Cookies_ there should be two cookies: `https://[environment].bloomreach.io` and `https://tools.bloomreach.com`. Add both of them to your cookie allow list.

  • Clear your browser cookies.

  • Refresh the page.