Learn how to make your [Experience pages](🔗) more shoppable and drive more revenue with targeted, relevant recommendations at key conversion points for your shoppers with the [Pathways & Recommendations](🔗) feature.

## Step by Step Guide

### Before You Start

  • Confirm that the [Pathways & Recommendations](🔗) feature is enabled for your Discovery account.

  • [Create one or more widgets](🔗) for Pathways & Recommendations using the widget configurator.

  • Make sure you are familiar with managing [pages](🔗) and [components](🔗) in the [Experience manager](🔗).

This guide assumes your channel was created using the [Reference SPA](🔗) channel template. If it was created using a different template, some screenshots and UI labels may be different.

### Add the Pathways & Recommendations Component to a Page

Open the [Experience Manager](🔗), select your channel, and navigate to the page you want to optimize.

Click on the icon in the top left to open the left drawer and select the _Components_ tab.

Select the _Reference SPA Pathways & Recommendation_ component:


### Configure the Pathways & Recommendations Component

On the page, click inside the container in which you want to add the component. It will initially show a message "Please configure Widget ID and Widget Type first". Click on the component on the page to open its configuration in the right side drawer:


Click inside the _Widget_ field. In the widget picker that pops up, select the widget you want to use and click on _Select_:


In the _Widget Algorithm_ dropdown, select the algorithm you want to use:


Once you have selected the widget and algorithm, the component will automatically update and should show now show products:


Finally, select the Properties tab in the component configuration side drawer, enter a title and fine-tune the number of components and details to show:


### Save the Component and Publish the Page

Click on _Save_. The updated page is now ready to move into the [publication workflow](🔗).

To make your pages even more engaging and further optimize them for conversion, [personalize](🔗) your Pathways & Recommendations components for your customer segments!