## Introduction

The External Customer Data Platform integration allows you to use the [segment-based content personalization](🔗) feature using segmentations managed in any external CDP.

A generic JSON format is used to [import segmentations](🔗) from the external CDP into the _Content audiences_ app so that site editors can use those segmentations to [personalize pages](🔗).

This integration can be found in the _Integrations_ section of your environment (_Setup -> Integrations_).


You can assign a CDP integration to **multiple channels**. But a channel can be assigned to just **one CDP integration** (or none if you choose not to make use of the feature). When you assign a channel to a CDP integration, the channel's _core_ and all its branches are connected to the project. It is not possible to connect a specific branch of a channel to a different project, **only the core of a channel can be assigned to a project.**

Keep in mind:

Assigning a _Channel_ to a CDP integration can only be done if it hadn't previously been assigned. If you want to assign the same _Channel_ to a different CDP integration, you must first delete it from the other project.

Frontent implementation

In addition to enabling the Customer Data Platform integration and [importing your segmentations](🔗) in the Content audiences app, you must also [implement segment-based personalization in your SPA](🔗).

## Which roles can set up the integration?

**Site Admins** can:

  • add Customer Data Platform integrations to manage different sets of campaigns, segments, and segmentations,

  • import segmentations for a CDP integration in the _Content audiences_ app using a generic JSON format.

**Content Authors, Content Managers, Site Editors, Site Admins,** and **Site Developers** can:

  • edit a _Channel_ to create component variants for segmentations for a certain CDP integration,

  • have an overview of all CDP integrations, and

  • view all campaigns and segments of a certain CDP integration.

## Set up your Integration

### Prerequisites

Before setting up your integration, verify that you can access Integrations in **Content SaaS** _(Set up -> Integrations)_.

### Set up the Integration

Open your **Content SaaS** environment. Navigate to the Integrations overview by clicking on _Setup -> Integrations_.

To add a Customer Data Platform integration, click on the _Add_ icon next to the _Customer Data Platform_ item under _Available integrations_.


Enter a _Name_ for this CDP integration:


In the _Channels_ section, click on _Select_ to choose which channels you want to connect the CDP integration to.


Finally, click the _Add_ button in the top right to add the integration.

After adding your CDP integration, navigate to _Content audiences_ and to see all CDP integrations. Integrations that have been removed will be classed as inactive and show greyed o.


## Next Steps

Before site editors can start personalizing pages, a site admin must [import the segmentations](🔗) from the CDP into the [_Content audiences_](🔗) app.

Finally, segment-based personalization must also be [implemented in your frontend application (SPA)](🔗).