This page describes how to create a project to manage a group of related changes that require a workflow process before publication.

Open the _Projects_ application.


Click on the _+ Project_ button in the top right of the screen.


Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the new project. If you intend to run the project as a scheduled [campaign](🔗), you may also enter start and end dates (they can also be changed or added later on).


Click _Create_. Three new tabs will appear alongside the _Info & Schedule_ tab - Channels, Content, and Communication.

The _Channels_ tab is automatically selected so that you can start making [channel changes](🔗) within the project. Start by clicking _+ Channel_.



The Channels tab is automatically selected as we assume most projects will contain channel changes, however it is possible to only include content changes in a project - in which case the Channels tab can be ignored.

In the dialog that pops up, select one or more channels and click _Add_:


You are now ready to [make changes to channels added to the project](🔗).

If you want to include content changes in a project, you need to add documents to the project, as a newly created project does not include any documents by default:


To add a document to a project, navigate to the [Content Application](🔗) and to the document you want to add to the project. An additional menu option is available within the document view:


Clicking on _Add to project_ will present a dialogue box where you can decide what project you would like to add the document to:


It is also possible to add a document to a project from within the Experience manager:


This option appears when you go to edit a document, in the context of a project, that is not currently part of the project.

If you add a document to a project it means you are ready to [include content changes in the project](🔗).

You can see the list of documents contained within a project by navigating to the _Content tab_ within the relevant project:


It is possible at any time to remove a document from a project or switch a document from one project to another. You can remove a document from a project from both the _Content_ tab, within the _Projects_ application, and from the document view in the _Content_ application:


You can do this by clicking on the _Remove from project_ menu item/icon.


Moving a document from one project to another is possible by clicking the _Switch to project_ option in the document view from the _Content_ application.

From the moment a project is created it is possible to add comments to it:

Comments can be added on all tabs. On the _Info & Schedule_ tab, comments are not linked to a specific channel or document and are generic ‘project’ comments.


On the _Channels_ tab the comments added are linked to specific channels; you can add a comment to a specific channel by clicking on the comment icon, entering a comment in the side panel, and clicking _+_. The comments for that channel will then appear in a log below the _Comment_ field. You can open and close this log as desired by clicking on the comment icon (to open it), and the X icon in the side panel (to close it).



The same functionality exists within the _Content_ tab; comments can be added and viewed, and they are linked to a specific document:


The _Communication_ tab primarily serves as an entire log of all comments added to the project, regardless of what tab a comment was originally added from.


You can however also add comments from the _Communication_ tab, and on doing so are asked what the comment is in reference to - whether it is a generic project-level comment, or a specific channel/document comment:


If it is a channel or document comment you are also asked to specify which channel/document it is in reference to:


On the _Communication_ tab it is also possible to filter the entire comments log based on text, date created, and user: