## Introduction

This page explains how to deploy and run the [Bloomreach Reference SPA](🔗) on [Vercel](🔗).

## Instructions

Click on the button below and follow the instructions:

(Script tags will be stripped)

If you plan to use a different tag, specify the tag name directly in the URL (for example, 20201020 below):

Create a new GIT repository using your Git account:


Before deploying, configure the `NEXT_PUBLIC_BRXM_ENDPOINT` specifying your [Delivery API](🔗) URL


After successfully deploying the Bloomreach Reference SPA, grab the URL from the Vercel site (e.g., `https://bloomreach-reference-spa.vercel.app` from the image below).


Using the [Site development app](🔗) or the [Site Management API](🔗), update the Bloomreach Content Single-Page-Application URL.


If you now open the channel again as part of the same project, you will be able to see the Reference SPA loading from the new Vercel host!