## Introduction

The Bloomreach Reference SPA is a reference [React](🔗) frontend implementation for Bloomreach Content. It's designed to showcase all the platform features and provide frontend developers with a reference implementation.

A channel template providing the [site configuration](🔗) for the Bloomreach Reference SPA is available when adding a new channel in the _Experience manager_ using the _+_ Channel button.

The Bloomreach Reference SPA source code is available on [Bloomreach GitHub](🔗). It can be used by frontend developers to [get started](🔗) with Bloomreach Content and the [Bloomreach SPA SDKs](🔗).

The Bloomreach Reference SPA implements a typical commerce website for an imaginary business called Pacific Nuts & Bolts. It contains several sections, including a homepage, a product catalog, and article content pages. All pages created use standard [out-of-the-box components](🔗) provided with Bloomreach Content.

## Screenshots



Product catalog:


Article content:


## Links

  • GitHub: [https://github.com/bloomreach/bloomreach-reference-spa](🔗)

  • [Get Started with Bloomreach Content](🔗)

  • [React Reference SPA OOTB Components](🔗)

  • [Deploy Bloomreach Reference SPA on Netlify](🔗)

  • [Deploy Bloomreach Reference SPA on Vercel](🔗)