## Introduction

[Vue Storefront](🔗) is a headless and backend-agnostic eCommerce Progressive Web App written in [Vue.js](🔗).

A new channel created using the Vue Storefront channel template is bootstrapped with [site configuration](🔗) and [components](🔗) that work out of the box with the [Vue Storefront Bloomreach Content integration](🔗).

The new channel is initially configured to use a generic, hosted, and shared frontend application to render the preview in the _Experience manager_.

To set up your own Vue Storefront frontend app and integrate it with Bloomreach Content, follow the instructions in the [Vue Storefront Bloomreach Content integration documentation](🔗).

Also make sure to check out Vue's [Bloomreach Content Manager](🔗) tool which serves as an abstraction layer built on top of the [Management APIs](🔗) in order to streamline the [development workflow](🔗).

## Screenshot


The out-of-the-box Vue Storefront channel and components after creating a channel using the Vue Storefront channel blueprint.

## Links

  • Vue Storefront Bloomreach Content integration docs: <https://docs.vuestorefront.io/bloomreach/>