## Integrations Library

Bloomreach Content provides an Integrations Library containing a number of out-of-the-box integrations:

  • Integrate your [Bynder](🔗) solution with your Content SaaS environment.

  • Integrate your [Cloudinary](🔗) solution with your Content SaaS environment.

  • Integrate [Commerce Pickers](🔗) with your Content SaaS environment.

Users in the [Site Admin](🔗) role can find the Integrations Library by navigating to _Setup > Integrations_ in the UI.

Bloomreach Content Marketplace

Bloomreach provides a repository of example and out-of-the-box integrations at the [Bloomreach Content Marketplace](🔗) at [marketplace.bloomreach.works](🔗).

## Custom Integrations

Integrating your own apps into the UI of Content SaaS is possible using predefined extension points. Such an app, or custom integration, must be hosted on an external server and rendered inside an iframe. A [JavaScript library](🔗) is available that can be used for communication between the Content SaaS UI and the integration.

At this point, there is one extension point for document fields in the content editor. In the future, more extension points will be added.

  • [UI Extension Client Library](🔗)

  • [Configure a Custom Integration](🔗)

  • [Develop a Document Field Integration](🔗)

  • [Use Dialogs Within Custom Integrations](🔗)


Developers familiar with brXM (our Content PaaS solution) may know Custom Integrations as Open UI Extensions.