## Introduction

When [making changes to a channel or document in a project](🔗), the changes are applied to a special project version of that channel or document. The core version of the channel or document remains available and can be modified in parallel to the project. This is a major advantage of using the [projects](🔗) feature: being able to work on long-term changes to channels and documents without blocking the publication of immediate changes to the same channels and documents. For example, while one user is doing a major overhaul of a number of documents within a project, another user can still fix a typo in one of those documents and publish the fix immediately without being affected by the project.

## Make Changes to Core

In the [Experience manager](🔗), select _Core_ in the _For project_ dropdown:



You can now make changes to the core version of the [channel](🔗) and to the core version of [any document that can be edited in the Channel Editor](🔗) as usual.

In the Document Editor, select Core from the dropdown in the menu bar:



You can now [edit](🔗) and [publish](🔗) the core version of the document as usual.