This section will provide beginner guides on how to start working with Bloomreach Content. Follow the tutorials for a hands-on introduction to our product in your [development project](🔗).

Make sure to keep our [**Bloomreach Reference SPA**](🔗) documentation handy while going through our tutorials.

  • [Hello World Component](🔗): create a Hello World page component with a single string parameter allowing the user to enter a title to display in the component.

  • [Content-Driven Component](🔗): learn how to create a content-driven component.

  • [Promotion Document Type](🔗): create a “promotion” document type using the content type editor.

  • [Promotions Query Component](🔗): create a “promotions” page component that renders current promotions.

  • [Create a Page-Specific Component](🔗): create and use page-specific components with embedded content.

  • [Navigation Menu](🔗): create a new navigation menu and add it to the footer of your site using a base menu component.

  • [Index Routes](🔗): configure index routes to render default documents when URLs match a route mapped to a folder using our [index matcher](🔗).

  • [Import Content](🔗): migrate content stored in a different CMS to Bloomreach Content using the [Content Batch Import API](🔗).

  • [Copy Content](🔗): copy content from a production environment (where Content Editors manage content for a live site) to a test environment (where developers develop and test new components, page layouts, etc.).

  • [Share Content Between Channels](🔗): configure a content-driven component so that you can reuse documents between channels.