## Introduction

### Goal

Configure which document types can be used to create documents in a folder.

### Background

Users in the Site Admin and/or Site Developer [roles](🔗) can configure which [document types](🔗) can be used to create new documents in a certain folder. This can be useful for different reasons, for example:

  1. Help authors and editors organize and structure their content by minimizing the number of decisions they have to make.

  2. Simplify [site configuration](🔗) using wildcard [routes](🔗) (e.g. `/products/_any_.html` matching all documents in the `/products` folder and its subfolders) by making sure all matched documents are of the same type.

## Instructions

In the [_Content_ application](🔗), open the context menu of the folder you want to configure the allowed content for.

In the context menu, select _Edit allowed content..._.


The dialog that appears shows a list of currently allowed document types (if any) in this folder, and a dropdown listing all other available document types.


Select any document type in the dropdown to add it to the list of allowed types. Repeat to add more document types. Click _OK_ to save.

Unpublished document types

If there is an active [development project](🔗) with [content type changes](🔗), the dropdown will include new and/or changed document types. These will be marked with _(unpublished)_ after their name.