Content personalization features must be enabled on a per-environment basis. To get started with personalization, reach out to your Bloomreach account manager or sales representative.

## Introduction

### Goal

Personalize a page to create an engaging experience for visitors using segmentations or email campaigns managed in Bloomreach Engagement or an external Customer Data Platform.

### Background

For an engaging experience, Bloomreach Content enables personalization of pages using the _Experience manager_ based on segmentations and/or email campaigns managed in Bloomreach Engagement or an external Customer Data Platform.

This page explains how to personalize components on a page.

## Personalize components on a page

First, make sure your [segmentations are synchronized](🔗) or [add a campaign](🔗) to _Content audiences_.

Open the _Experience manager_ application.

Open the channel in which you want to personalize a page.

Browse to the page that you want to personalize.

If the components on the page are not outlined, click on the _Show components_ icon in the top right corner.


Click on a component you want to personalize. A sidebar will appear showing the component's configuration:


Click on the _Copy variant_ icon to copy the component's default configuration to a new configuration variant that you can personalize:


A new variant is created and automatically selected:


Click on _Select a segment_. A dialog appears.

If you want to personalize the component for a campaign, stay on the _Campaigns_ tab and select a campaign and a segment:


If instead you want to personalize the component for a segmentation, select the _Segmentations_ tab and select a segmentation and a segment:


After you click on _Select_, the variant for the selected segment is ready to be configured:


You can now make the desired configuration changes for the variant similar to how you [configure any other page component](🔗).


Click _Save_ to save the component configuration and click on X to close the sidebar.

Repeat the above instructions for any other segments and for any other components you want to personalize on the page.

Use _As viewed by_ to [preview a personalized page](🔗) for a specific segment.

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can publish the page.

## Link to a personalized page from within an email campaign

For a visitor to see personalized campaign variants of components on a page, they must land on that page using a link from an email campaign. You can find the public site URL for the page in the _Page info_ dialog (open the _Page_ menu and select _Info_).


Copy this URL and use it within a targeted row in your email campaign design. Bloomreach Engagement will automatically add the relevant campaign and segment information to the link in the final email sent to each recipient.