## Introduction

[SAP Spartacus](🔗) is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for [SAP Commerce Cloud](🔗) that communicates exclusively through the Commerce REST API.

A new channel created using the SAP Spartacus channel template is bootstrapped with [site configuration](🔗) and [components](🔗) that work out of the box with SAP Spartacus.

The new channel is initially configured to use a generic, hosted, and shared frontend application to render the preview in the _Experience manager_.

Developers can fork the [Bloomreach Spartacus Storefront](🔗) project on Github to bootstrap their own Spartacus frontend application. More information on components and environment variables can be found in the [Bloomreach Spartacus Library](🔗) documentation on NPM.

## Screenshot


The out-of-the-box SAP Spartacus channel and components after creating a channel using the SAP Spartacus channel blueprint.

## Links

  • Bloomreach Spartacus Storefront on Github: <https://github.com/bloomreach/bloomreach-spartacus-storefront>

  • Bloomreach Spartacus Library on NPM: <https://www.npmjs.com/package/@bloomreach/brx-spartacus-library>