## Introduction

### Goal

Use the Experience manager to manage a channel's navigation menu.

### Background

Channels can have navigation menus. The Experience manager allows [users with Site Editor privileges](🔗) to add, modify, and remove items in the menus.

## Access the Menu Editor

In the [Experience Manager](🔗), select the channel in which you want to manage a navigation menu.


Make sure the editing overlay is enabled (overlay icon in the top right corner highlighted):


An _Edit Menu_ button should be overlayed on your channel's navigation menu:


Click on the _Edit Menu_ button to open the menu editor:


## Add a New Menu Item

Click on the _+_ icon in the bottom right corner. A new menu item is added and its configuration form shown:


Enter a title and select _Internal Link_. Click on _Select_ and select the desired page in the link picker.


To create a link to an experience page or to a document, choose _Documents_ from the dropdown and then select the desired experience page or document in the content tree.


Click on _OK_ to close the link picker.


Click on _Save_ to save the new menu item.

Optionally, drag the new menu item to the desired place in the menu:

Click on _Done_ at the top left corner to return to the channel preview. The new menu item should now be visible and it should link to the page you selected:


## Modify a Menu Item

Click on a menu item to expand it, make your changes, then click on the _Save_ button.

## Delete a Menu Item

Click on a menu item to expand it, then click on the _Delete_ button.