Before personalizing your [landing page](🔗), read our [Add a Campaign](🔗) and [Personalize a Page](🔗) user guides to familiarize yourself with the personalization process. We recommend keeping them handy while personalizing landing pages. This user guide will provide use cases of our personalized landing pages' possibilities and variations.

## What are personalized landing pages?

Personalized landing pages leverage the best aspects of Content SaaS and Bloomreach Engagement. By setting up a targeted campaign, [you can lead people to a personalized landing page](🔗). This allows for a well-curated user experience and a creative and fully customizable way for you to display your products.

## How to best display your products using our components

Content SaaS offers several variants of customizable components for your personalized landing page. The components at your disposal are **banners** (galleries, carousels), **category** and **product highlights**, and **product grids**. This user guide will show you what your personalized landing pages could look like to provide your customers with an engaging and personalized experience using our components.

## Banner Carousel

A **banner carousel** is one out of many ways to entice your customers and show them curated products on your page. It offers customers multiple products they can choose from in a dynamic way.

The _Content_ tab of the component details allows you to choose the right products to highlight based on your segmentation of choice as set up in your _Content audiences_ (see [Add a Campaign](🔗) for more details).

### New variant

To make sure that your personalized component will be visible to your target audience, you need to change the _Variant_ from _Default_ to the segment in your campaign. To do so, click on the _Create a variant_ symbol.


Select the campaign you wish to personalize your page with and click on _Create_. Once created, you can select the new campaign variant to apply to your component. (The process is the same for all components on your personalized landing page.)


After setting your variant to the correct segment, you can customize your component. The _Content_ tab lets you write desired titles and texts as well as choose images and links. The _Properties_ tab of the component details allows you to customize the alignment and slide interval that best suits your landing page needs.


Once you add your desired content and customize its presentation, you've successfully made your own banner carousel! You can make as many variations as you wish for all your personalized landing pages. The example below gives you a general idea of what your banner carousel could look like!


## Product Highlight

To best showcase a series of curated products, you can create a **product highlight** based on the campaign of your choice set up in your _Content audiences_ (see [Personalize a Page](🔗) and [Add a Campaign](🔗) for more details).

You can add a _Title and Text_ component to provide a brief introduction for your clients that is curated to the specific landing page. To change the variant to your desired audience, follow the steps outlined [above.](🔗)


After typing up your text, you can move on to customizing the _Product highlight_. You can even give your product highlight a title, however, we chose not to as we already included a _Title & Text_ component. Don't forget to set your commerce connector - you can use our very own Bloomreach Discovery, or other connectors we support such as commercetools, SAP, and Shopify.


Once you save your _Product highlight_, your personalized landing page is ready! You can make as many variations as you wish for all your personalized landing pages. The example below gives you a general idea of what your page with a product highlight could look like!


## Preview a personalized page as your target audience

To preview your personalized page as the audience you chose in your segmentation and campaign, you need to change your _As viewed by_ setting from _Default_.


Navigate to the top of the page and click on the magnifying glass icon next to _Default_ to search for your alter egos. Since a campaign was used in this user guide, use the same campaign from the drop-down list. After choosing your campaign, you can choose the corresponding segment. After clicking _Select_, you can view your site as a member of the audience you wish to target.