Make Changes to Channels and Content in a Project

Make Changes to Channels and Content

This page describes how to make changes to a channel and/or content within a project.

Before you make any changes, create a project first. Make sure to add channels to the project (if you want channel changes included in the project) and to add documents to the project (if you want content changes included in the project).

To make changes to a channel as part of a project, open the Experience manager in the context of the relevant channel and project. You can do so by clicking on the channel within the Channels tab (within the Projects application and for the relevant project):


Doing this will open the Experience manager and relevant channel in the context of the relevant project:


You can also navigate to the relevant channel in the Experience manager and use the dropdown at the top to select a project context (no need to go to the Projects application first).

You can now start making channel changes contained within the selected project directly from the Experience manager.

Once you are finished making changes to the channel(s) in your project, submit your changes using the menu option at the top-left of the Experience manager:


To make changes to content within a project, edit content (be sure to save your edited content) within the context of that project. You can edit content directly from the Experience manager, using the visual editing panel, or you can edit it from the Content application.

Within the Content application, make sure to add the document to the project:

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If the document already contains unpublished changes, they will be carried over to the project.

To make changes to a document that is already part of the project, make sure that the project version of the document is currently selected:


Once you have made the desired channel and content changes within your project, you are ready to request a review of a project.

Add a New Page

You can also want to add a new page to your project. To add a new page, click on the + Page button in the top right corner of your screen. Fill in the mandatory details - page name, document type, and page layout - and your page is ready! You can customize the page as you wish. Once you create your page, it will automatically show up in the sitemap on the left-hand side of your screen.


External Preview

To improve your collaboration experience with Bloomreach Content, External Preview is a feature that allows you to share your work with others before publishing - including people that don't have a Bloomreach account. This feature enables sharing your pages in your Channel using a URL.

How to enable External Preview

Open Projects and choose the project you want to share with your team. (If you haven’t created a project yet, follow our Create a Project user guide). Pick and customize the page from your project you want to share using our Components.


Before enabling your project's preview function, ensure that your top dashboard is set to your project, not the Core. Navigate to the Dashboard at the top of the page and click on the For project: options. Choose your project, and you're set!


Once the page in your project is ready for sharing, click on the Channel button and then on Settings as shown below. Turn on the Channel preview with the toggle, which will enable link sharing. Copy the top URL to your dashboard, and you are now ready to share your page.


Please use the Project channel preview URL (the top link), which is meant for end-users. The bottom link is primarily meant for developers.



Heads up!

The preview content is secured only based on access to the code embedded in the URL. Anyone on the internet who knows the URL can access the preview. If this is insufficient for your use case, we recommend against enabling external preview. Instead, each reviewer can be given a user account to access the preview within the Experience manager.

The screenshot below shows you what the page preview looks like. The link will open up a new window and will be ready to be previewed by your team!




It's also possible to get an external preview link for a specific page (not just the home page for the channel). External preview must be enabled for your Project in the Channel settings. Specific page links are available when you click on the Page menu under the Info item.