Edit Allowed Content in a Folder

Configure which document types can be used to create documents in a folder.



Configure which document types can be used to create documents in a folder.


Users in the Site Admin and/or Site Developer roles can configure which document types can be used to create new documents in a certain folder. This can be useful for different reasons, for example:

  1. Help authors and editors organize and structure their content by minimizing the number of decisions they have to make.
  2. Simplify site configuration using wildcard routes (e.g. /products/_any_.html matching all documents in the /products folder and its subfolders) by making sure all matched documents are of the same type.


In the Content application, open the context menu of the folder you want to configure the allowed content for.

In the context menu, select Edit allowed content....


The dialog that appears shows a list of currently allowed document types (if any) in this folder, and a dropdown listing all other available document types.


Select any document type in the dropdown to add it to the list of allowed types. Repeat to add more document types. Click OK to save.


Unpublished document types

If there is an active development project with content type changes, the dropdown will include new and/or changed document types. These will be marked with (unpublished) after their name.

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