Request a Review of a Project

This page describes how to request a review of the changes contained within a project. The review process marks the end of making changes to a project (unless you cancel the review) before they go live.

Within the Projects application, select the project you would like to submit for review.


If the project is suitable to be reviewed, the Review project button at the top right will be enabled, as shown above. Please note that this button is only enabled if the project contains no unsubmitted channel changes and no documents which are still in use. Channel changes need to be submitted, and documents unlocked (not in use), in order to submit a project for review.

Before submitting a project for review it may also be good to update your project (if necessary).

If your project is ready and you are happy with it, click the Review project button. At this point the project will go into a ‘in review’ state; this means no further channel or content changes can be made as part of the project. You can however click the Cancel review button, which returns the project to an ‘in-progress’ state, and make further changes if desired.

When a project has been submitted for review, 2 acceptances are needed per channel, and per content change:

1223 1223

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