External Customer Data Platform Integration

Use segmentations managed in an external CDP to personalize your content.


The External Customer Data Platform integration allows you to use the segment-based content personalization feature using segmentations managed in any external CDP.

A generic JSON format is used to import segmentations from the external CDP into the Content audiences app so that site editors can use those segmentations to personalize pages.

This integration can be found in the Integrations section of your environment (Setup -> Integrations).


You can assign a CDP integration to multiple channels. But a channel can be assigned to just one CDP integration (or none if you choose not to make use of the feature). When you assign a channel to a CDP integration, the channel's core and all its branches are connected to the project. It is not possible to connect a specific branch of a channel to a different project, only the core of a channel can be assigned to a project.


Keep in mind:

Assigning a Channel to a CDP integration can only be done if it hadn't previously been assigned. If you want to assign the same Channel to a different CDP integration, you must first delete it from the other project.


Frontent implementation

In addition to enabling the Customer Data Platform integration and importing your segmentations in the Content audiences app, you must also implement segment-based personalization in your SPA.

Which roles can set up the integration?

Site Admins can:

  • add Customer Data Platform integrations to manage different sets of campaigns, segments, and segmentations,
  • import segmentations for a CDP integration in the Content audiences app using a generic JSON format.

Content Authors, Content Managers, Site Editors, Site Admins, and Site Developers can:

  • edit a Channel to create component variants for segmentations for a certain CDP integration,
  • have an overview of all CDP integrations, and
  • view all campaigns and segments of a certain CDP integration.

Set up your Integration


Before setting up your integration, verify that you can access Integrations in Content SaaS (Set up -> Integrations).

Set up the Integration

Open your Content SaaS environment. Navigate to the Integrations overview by clicking on Setup -> Integrations.

To add a Customer Data Platform integration, click on the Add icon next to the Customer Data Platform item under Available integrations.


Enter a Name for this CDP integration:


In the Channels section, click on Select to choose which channels you want to connect the CDP integration to.


Finally, click the Add button in the top right to add the integration.

After adding your CDP integration, navigate to Content audiences and to see all CDP integrations. Integrations that have been removed will be classed as inactive and show greyed o.


Next Steps

Before site editors can start personalizing pages, a site admin must import the segmentations from the CDP into the Content audiences app.

Finally, segment-based personalization must also be implemented in your frontend application (SPA).